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Was 2004 NGA Bodybuilding Overall Winner... Will be 2013 Overall Winner?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Water Enriched Protein Shakes to Improve Muscle Recovery, Increase Energy, and Stimulate Fatloss

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Top Fitness Trainer on Youtube Offers More

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Online Fitness Coach for Free

Fitness fanatics are constantly looking for a free online fitness coach on YouTube. I value helping people conceptualize exercise and nutrition principles more than simply promoting my own bodybuilding objectives. The exercise videos are developed with anticipation that viewers will watch, learn, and ask relevant questions pertaining to their goals and the video. Comments written under each video become a forum-like environment where dialogue is exchanged between the moderator and others interested. My over-arching goal is to create an added awareness for the audience of how the body is supposed to feel and look when executing specific exercises. Additionally, because the body’s results are improved considerably when exercise and nutrition partnered together, subscribers will discover many videos directed toward fat loss and muscle building.

Youtube Free Exercise Videos with Online Fitness Coach Lance King

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Healthy Foods to Eat for Energizing Calories

For more nutritional videos about foods to eat for the best calories, goto:

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How would you respond to this Protein and Carbohydrate Analysis?

How would you respond to this Protein and Carbohydrate Analysis? Comment Below!

Bob the Bodybuilder:

"Protein will cause inflammation in your joints and the build 
up of acids 
such as arachidonic acid, nitric acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid, 
etc....... "

"Protein will also lead to premature aging. 

As you age and see your life flying past you, remember (name removed for confidentiality) 
told me this would happen. High protein, saturated fats, sugar, and salt are your enemies. 
Green leafy vegetables and fruits are your friends. 

You can supplement these with limited cruciferous veggies, 
low starch carbs (black rice, quinoa, spelt, amaranth, tef), 
and small amounts (handful) of nuts and seeds."

(comment left on my fitness youtube channel)
Here was my response:

Thank you so much for your analysis of protein, promoting quality of life-longevity, 
saturated fats, sugar, salt, greens and veggies. You and I agree on so many levels. 

Each morning and afternoon I consume a fairly concentrated amount of dark greens, 
bright veggies, and often will include colorful and nutrient-rich fruits. 

Saturated fats, sugar, and salt are kept to a reasonable minimum.

Lastly, my starchy carbs are primarily red potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice.

I must ask, what is your motivation for sharing this information? 
Would you please send me research displaying factual evidence, 
and even case studies, that support your claim to protein causing 
inflammation in the joints. I recognize that the build-up of acids 
develop when consuming high amounts of protein; however, 
would you please help me understand why you chose to 
highlight the acids in protein and not the acids in the carbs?

Please do not take my response as a personal attack. I simply am interested 
in furthering my knowledge and understanding on how foods respond to the body. 

Thanks so much!

your friend,

Lance King

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Give your Calories a Quality Score

Also learn about foods to eat for tomorrow and giving your calories a quality score on Youtube:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Eat for Tomorrow---Give your calories a Quality Score

by Lance King

Why the title Eat for Tomorrow---Give your calories a Quality Score? What I’m about to tell you may be shocking… but… it is truth… according to Lance. What I’m trying to say is this is what I have found to be true… it has worked for me… and research has led me to believe that you can trust what I’m about to say… let experience of application be the judge..

First, why eat for tomorrow. Well… think of this concept this way: Have you ever talked with someone who is preparing for a race of some sort—whether it was a 5K, Half Marathon, or a Triathlon? If so, did they mention that they are planning on carbing up or increasing their intake to have enough energy for the big race? Consider the calories eaten being absorbed into a big tank to be readily available for this person the next day. Much like putting fuel in the gas tank to travel a long-distance the upcoming day. SO….. why eat for tomorrow? Because getting enough fuel in the gas tank is going to allow your equipment to function at peak capacity. And we all want that don’t we?!!! Yes…Yes... we do... Heads should be nodding. Only kidding. 

In addition, remember that if you exercise in the morning, afternoon, or evening, then you should strive to be aware of the amount of calories needed for that day. Let me know if you have questions about his in the comments section below.
Now… what does it mean to give your calories a “Quality Score?”

Many people talk about how important calories are when wanting to bulk up or lose body fat. However, I think what is more important is to consider is how the individual calories are interacting with your body. Have you ever considered their effects not only short term, but long-term?

I give my calories a quality score. Let’s continue with the gas tank analogy to illustrate this principle:

When you go to the gas station you have the option of buying different grades of gas, right? When you look at calories at the most rudimentary or basic state… they are made up of stuff… right? Well… what kind of stuff? Well… consider the labels on most foods purchased… when you see 150 calories… look below to see what the calories are made of. Specifically look at the ingredients… the more ingredients that you can recognize the better…. Or the higher the quality score I give it. Make Sense?!!

Ok... so in answer to the question about what kind of food I eat from people like Nasser, Gunshow, and others… I strive to eat as many whole foods as possible… that being said… I find it can be difficult based on budgets and other circumstances… however, studies indicate that the body is able to process and receive whole foods in a more effective manner for the body. Sources are also stating that are bodies are more likely to benefit from eating unprocessed foods when considering energy, muscle recovery, and improved functionality and health with skin.. Hair… emotions… etc. etc. etc.!!! I could go on…

And I will… as it relates to types of foods that will help a person bulk-up and have an energy tank that will stimulate the growth potential for the next day at Maximum capacity! Once again… this may be a foreign concept to think about eating for tomorrow… you can argue this point… I would invite you to give it a try… even just for a couple of days…focus on eating for tomorrows results…

If I were wanting to bulk up and reduce body fat… I would eat from the potato family in the morning… for my morning snack… and… lunch… this will give me significantly more energy than say… white.. Bread…  In fact… in comparison… well… there isn’t much… I would give white bread a 3 out of 10 and a yam a 10 or 11 out of 10 when it comes to their quality score! 

What to do in the evening? Well... consider reducing the amount of dense carbohydrates…. Look at eating things like brown rice… greens… fruit…well… it depends… I would eat more fruit in the morning… it’s high in sugar…
Also… protein… yes… I love it!

Well... that’s it… now take this information to the fitness bank… be certain to fill up the rest of the day on foods with a high quality score… foods that will help you build… re-build… give you energy.. and improve your quality of life today, tomorrow… and always!

Also… if … like me… you have a couple breakfast meals…and you aren’t ready to only eat foods in the potato family… like this… thing… if you enjoy cereals… consider eating cereal with a high quality score... with ingredients you can recognize… sugar levels that are reasonable… cereal with grains… what about bread… same thing… looking at the bread should be your first indicator of how it will rate.

Please indicate below whether or not this article has been a value to you. I am interested in your feedback and in your questions. Remember also to use this comment section below as a forum-like tool to interact and help each other out. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles: Skinny-Fat Appearance? Try This


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Expert Author Sage Thompson
Okay, the first thing I am going to tell you will not be highly popular but it is the truth so here goes. Targeted exercise will not remove specific areas of fat from your body!
How and why this myth was perpetuated is beyond me, but if you will look at the idea rationally, you will see instantly why exercises to get rid of love handles or any other trouble spot are faulty.
Think about it, did you eat a donut or piece of cheesecake one day and instantly see it on your hips, abdomen or arms? Of course not! Weight gain is gradual and spread out which means your weight loss will be as well.
That being said there are "exercises to get rid of love handles" if you accept that your exercise will have to be coupled with a healthy eating plan.
You see when you do the exercises you will not lose fat spots, however you will tone the muscle underneath the fat layers, and when the weight begins to come off you will have a lovely toned and trim midsection. So, healthy eating with exercise will help you lose weightand result in a great looking body.
Fat Burning Routines
Now that we have established the fact that you will need more than just targeted exercises to get rid of love handles let's look at some potential routines. Start out with a high intensity cardio workout, this will rev up your metabolism and make your body a fat burning machine if you do it correctly.
Instead of going through 30 minutes of high intensity aim for short bursts of extreme cardio followed by slower but steady movements. This is known as interval training and is totally different from what most people are doing; of course, most people are not losing weight!
Cardio is not the only way to burn calories and tone your body. Institute a routine that includes weights, squats and dead lifts to increase muscle mass. This has the potential to prevent the dreaded plateau most people encounter during weight loss.
Love Handle Location
Love handles is the innocuous name given to fat stores on the side of your waist, or the oblique's. These are the most often overlooked abdominal muscles when it comes to exercise.
Your abdomen is actually made up of several different muscles, transvers abdominus, rectus abdominus and obliques. You will want to work all of these muscle groups to attain a flat sexy abdomen, and if you want to take care of the love handles, it is time to focus on the obliques.
Oblique Exercises
Once you have the fat burning in full swing you will want to use some targeted "love handle" exercises. Forget all the fancy machines on the market today, they will make you lighter all right but only in your wallet! Instead, revert to what works, the crunch.
To flatten your abdominals and trim your oblique's use do several sets of crunches with a twist. Instead of just the up and down motion, come up and twist at the top of the movement.
Healthy nutrition and adequate workouts are the only way to truly lose weight. Moreover, the exercises to get rid of love handles are going to be the same movements you use to lose weight from many areas of the body.
Targeted movements such as the crunch, waist twist and more are good for toning that specific muscle, but not for losing fat from that specific area, when you understand this concept you will be well on your way to flat sexy abs and better health.
The last factor which I haven't covered here is of course your diet. You can watch my free video which reveals the number 1 diet secret that stops most people from EVER getting in shape despite everything else they do. You can watch it here: http://thefatfurnace.com
I hope you enjoyed this article on exercise to reduce stomach fat.
Sage Thompson is a fat loss coach and fitness enthusiast. She regularly contributes to the health and fitness community with her articles, newsletters and blogs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Work Lower Abs - 5 Exercise That Will Get You Started


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If you've been working for any amount of time on your abs, there's a good chance, that you've looked at how to work your lower abs. The lower part of your abdominal can be worked as effectively as any other part of your body, as long as you do the right exercises to isolate them.
Here are 5 exercises you can take home that will do the trick!
1. Captain's chair
Stand up straight on the chair with your back pressed against the pad, grip the handhold, then contracts your abs and raise your legs while lifting your knees toward your chest.
While you do this, make sure you don't arch your back.
2. The bicycle abs exercise
Lie flat on the floor, put your hands beside your head and bring your knees up to a 45 degree angle more or less then start pedaling like if you were on a bicycle.
3. Reverse crunch
The best way to do this is to first lay your back on the floor and place your hands on the floor along your body. Then flex your knees and slowly raise them towards your head while crunching your abs. Make sure to put all the effort into your abs and not your head, sometime people seem to be forcing more with their head then with their abs.
4. Lying leg raisers
Again here you want to lie flat on your back, but this time you want to have your hands underneath your bottom so you have a better balance and support. Once installed, squeeze your abs and lift your legs straight up and lower them down without touching the floor. Hold it for 2 seconds and repeat it.
5. Side turns
Lie your back on the floor with your feet up in the air. It okay if your legs are straight or slightly bent, what's important is that both your arms must be extended on the side with your hands touching the floor. Once you're in that position, slowly start swinging your pelvis and legs on with your feet together on one side, and as soon as you feel that your hand is lifting and not touching the floor, swing back to the other side.
Make sure you work your body parts properly and come find more about how to work lower abs [http://www.howtoworklowerabstips.com/] by visiting [http://www.howtoworklowerabstips.com/]

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Losing Weight the Couch Potato Way


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Expert Author Janet Angel
couch potatoIf you hate exercise, love sitting on the couch watching football games or soap operas and yelling the answers to game show questions, but know that you need to lose weight and get healthier you might want to try Losing Weight and getting fit The Couch Potato Way.

The Couch Potato no longer needs to feel embarrassed by the title. This program will cause thousands of people to claim their spot on the couch next to other family members. The one change will be that more family members will fit on the same couch!
Fat guy
Couch Potatoes generally have some things in common. They tend to have self-sabotaging habits that prevent them from reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. 
Losing Weight and getting fit The Couch Potato Way game plan:
1. Put on your most comfortable Couch Potato clothing. Be sure that you do not have anything tight around your waist or arms. Take your shoes off. No shoes on the coffee table. Get your Remote Control and get comfortable. Scared yet?
2. OOOPS, Get up because you forgot your snacks. So, don't call out for your spouse or your children or your roommate to get your snacks. GET UP and go to the kitchen now. You can dance into the kitchen...move your arms, sing a tune, be happy you are going to get a snack! So, choose your snack. The only thing you MUST include with whatever snack you choose is a variety of of raw veggies with NO FAT dressing. So, chop up some celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, whatever you would enjoy. Now, get some LOW FAT (no transfat) Tortilla Chips or other Baked Chips. make a bowl of tomato -based Taco Dip or salsa, or use store bought. Try the one that is MILD or HOT. These foods will help you BURN CALORIES. It has been proven that Cayenne Pepper (red pepper) contains thermogenic properties that will stimulate your metabolism.
couch potatoe butt exercises

3. Bring the snacks into your TV room. Carry one tray at a time. So that means you might have to walk back to the kitchen three times. You will do it, why? Because you are excited about what you are about to watch on TV, AND because NO ONE KNOWS you are on the Couch Potato Fitness Plan.
4. Next, get comfortable again. OOOPS...you forgot your beverage. GET UP and go to the kitchen (you can't call anyone to get things for you) pour yourself a nice tall glass of your favorite beverage. Also, pour a tall glass of ice water. Carry your favorite beverage in first. Walk back to the kitchen to get your water.
5. Now sit down on the couch and get yourself settled in for the show, whatever it is. Make yourself a deal now. EACH time there is a commercial break, or your team scores a point, you must stand up and do some "move." Like a victory dance!
You must get INVOLVED as though you were actually sitting at the game and everyone around you is jumping up when they are excited about a play. If you can't get up, then you must do special arm movements during the commercial. While sitting down you just pick up each foot and run while sitting. It's easy, just lift one foot and then the other and allow yourself to run in place, only you are sitting not standing! EASY!!
6. When you reach for your chips or your glass you MUST take a sip or a bite and then PUT THE food or GLASS DOWN. REACH out and pick it up AGAIN and take another sip/bite. Each time you reach for anything and eat or drink you MUST PUT IT BACK DOWN. EASY enough?!
7. OKAY, commercial time...do your dance and then walk to the bathroom to urinate! You'll have plenty of time to get back before the next part of the show. Commercials generally run at least 3 minutes a segment.
8. Do you get it yet? You are making extra trips, extra movements, drinking more water, more fluid, eating foods that help burn calories and having fun! So, GET UP again and go make a phone call from another room. Call someone who knows about your Couch Potato Fitness Plan. Stay on the phone no more than one to two minutes and say, "Gotta go, my program/game is starting. I'll call you back."
9. Get settled on the couch again, or the chair if you are on the computer. While you are watching your program start to move your legs, Just keep your feet on the floor and move your legs, sway them, tap your hands on your legs and MOVE to the movement of whatever you are watching. GET INVOLVED!! This will be like virtual football. "The quarter back goes back, back, cocks his arm to throw...sees the Tight End in the end zone and wham...lets one sail!" Stand up and watch as your throw either hits the hands of your receiver or it misses. PRETEND THAT QUARTER BACK IS YOU...OR PRETEND THAT YOU ARE A RUNNING BACK, THE COACH, WHOMEVER GETS YOU EXCITED ABOUT THE GAME.
10. Reach for a snack. CHEW 22 times. Reach again, repeat! Don't forget to drink WATER (iced water) in between snacks. Now REACH FOR a celery stick and take a bite. DELICIOUS!
12. Your regular day should consist of MORE STEPS. So, take the stairs at the office. Park your car further away and walk the extra 30-40 yards. NO ONE will know that you are doing the COUCH POTATO WORK OUT. No one will have to know that you are getting healthier. NO GYMS, NO MACHINES, NONE OF THAT! You are going to surprise everyone as the pounds just start falling away. Why? Because no one knows you are working out, no one will tease you about your program. No one needs to know except for one or two support people in the family or a close friend.
13. In a store, walk EVERY AISLE, even though you may know where the product is that you want. Takes about fifteen minutes to walk up and down every aisle with a shopping cart, even longer depending upon the store. So ENJOY EVERY TRIP YOU TAKE...
14. Sing a song that you love in your mind, or wear HEADPHONES. (Listening to either a tape or the radio) That alone CHANGES YOUR MENTAL ATTITUDE. NO ONE IS TELLING YOU TO WORK OUT OR LOSE WEIGHT...YOU are in control and the weight will begin to fall off. Why? Because you are giving yourself permission to be healthier!
15. HOUSE CHORES...do the same thing. Make a mental note to go up the stairs or out to the garage MORE THAN ONE TIME for things that you will need. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF convenience planning. YOU ARE PLANNING to get well, not create a life with everything at your fingertips. During the summer you can even mow the lawn while you listen to your favorite game on your headphones. You can wash dishes, do the laundry or any other household chore with your headphones on listening to great music or your favorite show.
16. SPEND TIME WITH YOUR SPOUSE/LOVED ONES doing something you all enjoyl COOKING!
Make it like a game. Everyone has to make one part of the meal. Do the DANCE of SUCCESS because you are all ready healthier than you were one week ago. And don't forget your WATER BOTTLE. Take water with you every where you go. It is time now to add one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to your water bottle. Apple Cider Vinegar acts like a rotter-rooter for fat in the body. Drinking this mixture (you can add a little honey too if you'd like) can help you lose inches off of your waistline.
17. DON"T ask for help from colleagues/secretaries when you know you can walk to the copy room yourself and make the copies. Don't ask family members to run down to the basement to get you something, THIS IS YOUR time to silently GET FIT! So, show off FOR YOURSELF. I'll bet your pants are loose all ready, you have a little more energy. You probably don't think about food as often, but YOU DO THINK ABOUT ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMS THAT YOU ENJOY! That's the fun of this program. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY LIFE! You are reprogramming yourself.
18. Couch Potatoes THINK that they have to LIVE UP to their label, so they are often afraid to lose weight. Everyone that knows you might see you as the FAT person, the LAZY person. NO MORE OF THAT! YOU CAN BE A THIN COUCH POTATO ...don't you have friends who are fit and who still watch football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, game shows, soap operas, etc.? Sure you do! You do know people who are thin, who eat a little "junk" food, who drink some soda, beer, or wine and still look great.
19. Next, GET YOURSELF A SMALL TAPE RECORDER (or a small pocket notebook). I want you to make your own Positive- SELF HELP TAPE (or pocket full of positives) booklet. Here's all you do: Record the following types of phrases into the tape recorder and when you are finished, you will listen to this tape privately with your headphones whenever you are going to participate in a passive activity, or one that you would be safe listening to music while doing. You are going to be a hypnotist for yourself. This is really a form of self-hypnosis and it WORKS! (I've used this technique with professional bowlers and other sports figures. They take themselves through the correct form for their sport and it helps retrain the expectation portion of your thought system. You will BEGIN TO EXPECT GREAT THINGS AND THEY WILL HAPPEN!)
"I LOVE MYSELF! I like everything about myself. I enjoy living my secret Couch Potato Fitness Plan. It makes me feel good. Every day in every way I am getting healthier. I am shrinking and my clothes are getting big on me. I LOVE the feeling of getting well. I LOVE that I AM DOING IT ALL BY MYSELF. I enjoy music, I enjoy participating in life. I am getting healthier than my wildest dreams! I am I am I am!! I take more steps today than I did yesterday, and I LOVE IT! I love motion as much as I love sitting down watching my favorite things on TV. My energy is contagious! I am getting better and better looking every day! I am writing a list of things I want to accomplish daily. I LOVE accomplishing the things on my list! It makes me feel good. No one needs to know what is on my list. Everyone around me is beginning to think I look great! Because I DO LOOK BETTER AND BETTER EVERY DAY! Everyone wants to know my secret. When I accomplish my weight and fitness goals I WILL SHARE MY COUCH POTATO FITNESS PROGRAM WITH THEM!! I give myself a mental hug because I DESERVE IT! WAY TO GO_________(say your name). I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!"
20. Now take the Couch Potato Plan and expand it into other areas of your life. KEEP YOUR DESIRES to YOURSELF. You can share your success AFTER YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS! Change the tape as you want to accomplish other things in your life.
These are the 20 steps to living a wonderful Couch Potato Fitness life! YOU CAN DO IT!! NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW....JUST YOU! So, fellow Couch Potatoes sit down and GET FIT!!
Wishing you all much success! You can write to me and visit me at http://www.totallywell.com
Janet Angel, PhD is an expert in wellness and psychology with over 22 years in private counseling. She has helped thousands of people achieve their personal and professional goals using various self-improvement tools. She is an accomplished author, and guest on TV and Radio programs who speaks about the Power Within You to create the life that you really desire. To learn more about getting well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, visit http://www.totallywell.com and sign up for her free Newsletter and upcoming seminars.

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Detoxify Your Body From These Easy Available Powerful Foods!

(Pic from  greenlivingaz.com)


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Expert Author Vishal Kashyap
Are you feeling bit sluggish due to heavy partying few days back? Are you feeling low on your energy? Your body could be in great need to detoxify the system. You are really fortunate as there are some foods available that can detoxify your body and improves the immune system. Whether, you want to enhance your energy levels, improve complexion and even want to rejuvenate your mind, detoxifying the body can provide all such benefits. In order to feel perfect, have a look at some foods to detoxify your body in short span of time.
Lemon is considered one of the best foods to detoxify body painlessly. It is filled with vitamin C and antioxidants which in results fight numerous ailments even the chronic diseases as well. Also, it has an alkaline effect over body that helps in restoring pH balance and thus boosts the immune system. In order to make the most from lemon, it is always suggested to drink warm water during every morning with a slice of lemon in it. It will flush out all the toxins and purify your system effectively.
Ginger has multiple health benefits and people are using it from ages. It is a powerful ingredient to improve digestive system. It helps in treating nausea, improves digestion, reduce gas and beat bloating. It also boosts the immune system as it is filled with lots of antioxidants. Consuming ginger tea can provide a range of health benefits.
Garlic is good not only for heart but it is considered as one of the effective body detoxifier. It has antiviral, antibiotic and antibacterial properties along with it increase the amount of white blood cells. Sprinkle grated garlic either in salad or food to enhance its flavor and health as well.
Beetroot is perfect for those wanting to get loads of nutrients in short time. This amazing fruit is filled with iron, vitamin C and magnesium. It helps in improving skin quality, hair, reduces bad cholesterol and boost liver detoxification process. It is suggested to add raw beetroot into salads and also one can consume beetroot juice to detoxify your body rapidly.
Green Tea
Green tea is not a food but detoxification cannot be completed without taking adequate amount of fluids. It is a powerful ingredient to flush out toxins and to improve immune system. It is not only an antioxidant but works amazingly to lose weight as well. Also, it is extremely effective for treating fatty liver disease.
Eating raw cabbage is considered as a great food to detoxify body in short span of time. Sulforaphane is a chemical available in cabbage that fights with body toxins. Also, it contains glutathione which is an antioxidant to detoxify liver.
Brown rice and fresh fruit
Brown rice helps in boosting and cleansing immune system but it is advised to reduce the intake of processed foods. A range of detoxifying nutrients such as manganese, phosphorous, magnesium and B vitamins are available in brown rice. Brown rice has colon cleansing properties and protects the liver as well. On the other hand, fresh fruits contain loads of minerals, antioxidants, fiber and lots of vitamins. Fresh fruits are good in taste and you can easily use in your daily diet.
So, it can be said that all the above foods and ingredients are extremely advantageous in detoxifying body and gives fresh energy to the system. Try to incorporate all these foods in your diet in order to get healthy lifestyle for which you always desire of.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is My Story--My Motive for Action

You may also want to watch part 2 of my motive for action on Youtube:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Green Drinks and the pH Miracle Diet

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Anybody studying the potential benefits of the pH miracle diet have likely encountered the phrase "green drinks." In fact, a quick search of reviews about Robert Young's book "The pH Miracle Diet" shows that lots of people who make use of the program also consume a supplement called InnerLight SuperGreens, that is a high quality drinks to raise the level of alkaline in their diets. What are green drinks and how are they good for those following the pH diet?
Green drinks really are a basic way of acquiring more nutrition and alkalinity to their diet. The pH miracle diet approach provides people an important idea of why their bodies are out of balance. The key issue in health, and in the gaining of excess weight, is the presence of a lot of acid in someone's diet. Acid gathers and causes issues in proper cell function. With time, acidity accumulates in the body and creates a negative environment for cells, organs and tissue. The solution is to consume an alkalizing diet that has a soothing effect on one's system. This will get your body's pH level back in balance and allow cells to function in the appropriate way.
You can simply and easily infuse your system with alkaline foods by taking in a green drink, like InnerLight SuperGreens, one to three times everyday. These are made from grasses, sprouted grains and other green vegetables. These can help your body become more alkaline plus they contain the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body requires for purposes of self-repair.
While we recommend InnerLight SuperGreens, there are numerous types of green drinks available. Most can be found in powder form, and every day you mix a couple of spoonfuls with drinking water. They are available at local health foods stores or via the Internet. Since so many different brands can be purchased, selecting these drinks can be mind-boggling. The key factor to look for in a drink is the presence of alkaline vegetable ingredients. Read the ingredients label very carefully. Although all green drinks are different, most include a basis of common ingredients. InnerLight SuperGreens has 49 different organic leave, vegetable, grasses & sprouts.
Kamut grass could lower cholesterol, help with weight-loss and add protein to the diet. Broccoli is a strong anti-cancer food and it helps improve the disease fighting capability and enhances digestion of food. Dandelion greens help with weight reduction and cholesterol levels. They are also an excellent source of iron and calcium. Kale contains vitamins C and A, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. Alfalfa sprouts can help redistribute the body weight once you lose fat. I have listed some of the powerful ingredients from which these drinks are produced. Some have lists of dozens of ingredients.
One more thing to seek in your green drink is the sign that the ingredients are naturally produced. Be sure that the drink consists of no algae, mushroom or probiotics, since these are acidifying substances. Lastly, check the label carefully for non-nutrient ingredients and fillers.
The instructions for ingesting green drinks depend on the individual manufacturer of the drink. Most green drinks are usually blended with water, and are taken up to four times daily. Some can be found in capsules and should be taken with large quantities of water. When you first begin taking green drinks, it is strongly recommended that you take half a dose for one week in order to adjust your body to the product's effects.
Green drinks help to instantly alkalize your body. They neutralize the excess acids that are present in your system. Many individuals report feeling an immediate energy boost and a reduction in cravings for sugar and caffeine. Should you be the type of person who can't get active without having that mandatory morning cup of coffee, give Green Drinks a try for a week and feel the difference. These drinks also help the defense mechanisms and can decrease the amount of yeasts and toxic compounds in your body.
InnerLight SuperGreens are an exclusive, synergistic blend of 49 organic grasses, grains, and green vegetables. This nutrient-rich, alkaline formula helps to gently pull the blood and tissue balance from an acid base to an increasingly healthy alkaline state.