Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Controversial Fatloss Topic: Lose Body Fat Quickly Long Term vs. Short Term

         Controversial Fatloss Topic:  Lose Body Fat Quickly 
                             Long Term vs. Short Term
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For many years the public, through articles, misinformation and even outright propaganda, have been led to believe that aerobic exercise is the only way to ‘lose’ weight and to keep it off.  I’m here to tell you that this statement is false, and that if you truly want to lose fat and keep it off the best thing you can do is weight or resistance training with a little cardio thrown in for good measure.

The simple fact is that aerobic exercise burns only a very small amount of calories and, for most people, alone it’s an ineffective way to lose body fat. In fact, heavy aerobic exercise increases your chance of burning muscle, not fat, and that effect is further heightened when you couple it with a reduced calorie diet.

You see, when you perform aerobic exercises your body uses both fat and carbohydrates.  When you increase the aerobics your body actually will burn more carbs and less fat. Do this long enough and your body will actually start making carbs from protein, a process called catabolism that will cause a large loss of muscle mass but no loss of fat!

Before you start arguing that this would be a good thing let me remind you that if you lose too much muscle you also lose your ability to burn calories. When you have less muscle mass you burn less calories, it’s that simple.
In simple terms, the best prescription for anyone wanting to lose weight permanently and keep it off over the long run is weight or resistance training coupled with some aerobics.

You see, building muscle is an essential part of controlling body fat, and if you want to lose body fat and keep it off muscle building exercises such as resistance training and weight training are the way to do it. The more muscle your body has the more of a fat burning machine your body will be. Even if you eat more you will still stay lean and mean if your body has enough muscles to burn off the extra fat.

In conclusion, for all of the people that need to hear it one more time, building muscle is the most important factor in getting and staying lean in the short and long term.

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