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Cardio Vs Weight Training (Free Weights) - Which is Better For Fat Loss?

Cardio Vs Weight Training (Free Weights) - Which is Better For Fat Loss?

I'm sure you've been told by many trainers that the only way you can lose fat is through some sort of cardiovascular exercise. In fact I'm not suggesting you go without it. The point I'm trying to make is that to optimize fat loss you would actually have to combine the two to a certain extent.
Cardiovascular exercise or cardio for short has always been seen as the only way to lose fat. There are a few reasons for this. First of all cardio is burns a lot of calories, and even burns calories at a higher rate than resting a few hours after the cardio exercise. Another reason it's so popular is because it's so easy to tell someone to do it. As a trainer I just need to tell the guy to run for half an hour to forty minutes every day and he'll be well on his way to weight loss. However, would he do it? Personally I don't really like cardio all that much as it can seem repetitive and mundane however it does have its place especially intervals if you actually consider intervals being cardio.
So why bother with weight training if cardio is so great? Well, first of all, cardio does not increase your body's metabolism the way weight training does. Weight training totally reshapes your body, builds your muscles and increases your strength.
However that's not all it does. Many people do not realize that weight training actually increases your RESTING METABOLIC RATE. What this means is that if you do weight training, your body will be burning calories at an increased pace all day and everyday, not just after your exercise and even as you sleep. If you were to rely solely on cardio then you'll have to work a whole lot harder to achieve your desired fat loss.
So the truth is that most trainers would rather have the easy way out and just tell you what you should be doing to lose fat would be mainly cardio. Granted, many also do teach about weight training, but not the weight training that you'd need, which would greatly increase your resting metabolic rate as compared to other weight training methods. If you're looking at fat loss, there are definitely certain muscles that are better to train to as compared to others particularly to lose more fat and I'm not just talking about crunches and other ab exercises.
I really can't stress this enough:
Cardio without training would get you no where near what you're trying to achieve, unless you work incredibly hard and that will still leave you skinny and weak. Combine the two and then we're talking. This applies both to men and women alike.
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  1. Cardio need some training, but it is useful for weight loss plan. Thank you for this useful post.


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