Thursday, October 25, 2012

How would you respond to this Protein and Carbohydrate Analysis?

How would you respond to this Protein and Carbohydrate Analysis? Comment Below!

Bob the Bodybuilder:

"Protein will cause inflammation in your joints and the build 
up of acids 
such as arachidonic acid, nitric acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid, 
etc....... "

"Protein will also lead to premature aging. 

As you age and see your life flying past you, remember (name removed for confidentiality) 
told me this would happen. High protein, saturated fats, sugar, and salt are your enemies. 
Green leafy vegetables and fruits are your friends. 

You can supplement these with limited cruciferous veggies, 
low starch carbs (black rice, quinoa, spelt, amaranth, tef), 
and small amounts (handful) of nuts and seeds."

(comment left on my fitness youtube channel)
Here was my response:

Thank you so much for your analysis of protein, promoting quality of life-longevity, 
saturated fats, sugar, salt, greens and veggies. You and I agree on so many levels. 

Each morning and afternoon I consume a fairly concentrated amount of dark greens, 
bright veggies, and often will include colorful and nutrient-rich fruits. 

Saturated fats, sugar, and salt are kept to a reasonable minimum.

Lastly, my starchy carbs are primarily red potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice.

I must ask, what is your motivation for sharing this information? 
Would you please send me research displaying factual evidence, 
and even case studies, that support your claim to protein causing 
inflammation in the joints. I recognize that the build-up of acids 
develop when consuming high amounts of protein; however, 
would you please help me understand why you chose to 
highlight the acids in protein and not the acids in the carbs?

Please do not take my response as a personal attack. I simply am interested 
in furthering my knowledge and understanding on how foods respond to the body. 

Thanks so much!

your friend,

Lance King

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