Thursday, January 26, 2012


As Arnold has said, "Who's your daddy and what does he do??" This challenge will test your discipline to see if you are in control, or, if the distractions to your fitness goals are in control.

The idea is to set a primary fitness goal for 30 days with three tactics on how you will accomplish this ultimate month objective. If you keep your commitment you receive points per day (see attachment for the spreadsheet and goals example on the blog).
If you decide to participate, each member of the group will be have a group leader who evaluates the fitness goal to determine whether or not it is going to stretch the individuals character to achieve the objective. Each member of the team will also set a personal incentive if they reach the goal (you may also consider just having everyone put $20 in a pot and then winner takes all!!).

After pre-qualifying the team goals and tactics, the team lead will put each participant on a leader board (posted on the blog [just copy and paste into word]) that will adjust and be e-mailed to those participating each week.

Sound fun? If you are interested in joining, and I hope you do, then we will discuss the next step after you write the names of those participating in this challenge with your goals.

thanks for inspiring this challenge! It will be FUN and rewarding!! ;o)

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