Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arms Cut ! help

Arms Cut ! help
Hey Proteincow, i have a hard time getting a cut between my arms and bi-triceps, i would hear if you got any tips to what exercises, rep range and what musclegroups i should focus on, i got a bodyfat around 8% - 8,5% do you think i need to go lower

- Thanks :)

Proteincow response:
Bookieman22 (love the name)! ;o)

You have Extremely low bodyfat! WOW--8.5%?? Impressive! I would recommend doing weak-point exerices such as hammer curls and french press.

Hammer curls will build the ball-like muscle that separates the bicep and tricep.

Frenchpress will significantly increase the inside of your tricep.

The combination of these two movements, put to practice as your first super-set (back-to back movements that you will call one set) will further develop the cuts between your bicep and trip.

Use this super-set in the beginning of each arm workout for at least 2-3 months varying your rep's each time you perform these movements (ie: 1 week of 15-12-10 Hammer, 12-10-8 French Press. 2nd week 10-10-8-8 Hammer, 8-8-6-6 French Press).

Be certain you are using weight that causes you to struggle for your last two or three reps with each exercise. You will be amazed at your results

I hope this helps (You may also consider the super-set video attached).


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