Monday, January 23, 2012

THE CORE--important?? OH--YES SIR!

I am often asked about how to strengthen the core. I have found the most beneficial way to target this area is to just that—target the area throughout the week and not just one to two days a week.

To illustrate:
1) I will often strengthen my oblique’s and weak point of my abs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with anywhere between 15-30 repetitions per movement. If my lower abs is my weakest area in the six pack, then I will gear my exercises toward movements that involve this muscle group.

2) Lower back is performed Monday and Friday through Lower Back Extensions (the lower back is also strengthened when doing deadlifts during my Wednesday Legs day).

The core is almost always being used throughout the daily workout routine. Therefore, it is critical that the abs, oblique’s, and lower abs are strengthened. If the core is neglected, injury is likely. 

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