Thursday, January 19, 2012

BodyClay Sculpting-Bigger Lats to BE LIKE THAT GUY!!

BodyClay Sculpting-Bigger Lats to BE LIKE THAT GUY!!

1) Pull-Ups, 2) Close-grip Tricep Press, 3) Tricep Dips, 4) Oblique Side Bends

Pull-Up’s: 15 (Warm-up)-15-12-10 

Close-grip Tricep Press: 20-20-15-12

Tricep Dips:  20-20-15-12

Oblique Side Bends: 20-20-20-20

1) Deadlift, 2) Tricep French-Press

Deadlift: 10 (warm-up)-10-8-6

Tricep French Press: 12-10-8

1) Bent-over Row, 2) Overhead Dumbell Tricep Press

Bent-over Row: 10-8-6

Overhead Dumbell Tricep Press: 12-10-8

1) Reverse-grip Lat Pulldown, 2) Lat Pull-Down, 3) Shrugs

Reverse-grip Lat Pulldown: 12-10-8

Lat Pulldown: 10-8-6

Shrugs: 15-12-10

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