Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do I Work My Abs Everyday or Every Other Day? The Biggest Confusion

Do I Work My Abs Everyday or Every Other Day? The Biggest Confusion

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Recently I overheard two of my students arguing on this topic. One of them insisted in working out everyday. His argument was that the abdominal muscles are a lot different than the other muscle groups. He mentioned that your muscle actually brakes when you workout, and it gets repaired and becomes larger when you rest for the next day. But ab muscles are the only muscles you can workout for everyday. And in this way he said, you will be able to burn fat around your abs much faster.
The other student's argument was that the muscles are muscles. Even your abs need rest. She explained further that if you workout every other day, your ab muscles get all the rest they need. And hence when you workout on them again after a day's rest, you can push your ab workout further and train harder than the last workout.
I pounced into the conversation and said, I do not quite agree with both of your arguments.
Now it appears to me that it is a biggest confusion about abs workout amongst many people. So I decided to write this article to clear things out. In that conversation I corrected my male student that you don't burn fat around muscles while working out. It's commonly known as Spot Reduction. And there is no such thing as Spot Reduction in reality. You certainly burn calories while working out, but you can only lose fat by maintaining your diet. And it also depends on your genetics.
My female student is correct about her understandings, but kind of. What she thinks is right that when you workout with heavy weights, your muscles need rest in order to regain strength, this is also correct with ab muscles. But in my opinion, you do not really need to workout on your abs with heavy weights.
Lets understand muscles little better. There are two types of muscles. 1. Slow Twitch 2. Fast Twitch. Abs and even calves have slow twitch muscles, because these muscles are worked out anyway during the daily activities. And hence, more enhanced workout with more reps gives good results for these muscles.
So the question remains unanswered - Do I work my abs everyday or every other day?
The question is answered by questioning this - What is your Goal? Did you know that you can do ab workout only once a week, if your goal is such? There are people who need strong waistline for heavy weight lifting. These people use abdomen in order to lift heavy. They are only required to workout once a week or twice a week at the most.
If you need to have just a flat belly and shiny six pack abs, then you need to concentrate more on your diet. Slow twitch ab muscles can handle a daily abs workout. But I highly recommend you workout 3 to 4 times a week.
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