Friday, October 19, 2012

Eat for Tomorrow---Give your calories a Quality Score

by Lance King

Why the title Eat for Tomorrow---Give your calories a Quality Score? What I’m about to tell you may be shocking… but… it is truth… according to Lance. What I’m trying to say is this is what I have found to be true… it has worked for me… and research has led me to believe that you can trust what I’m about to say… let experience of application be the judge..

First, why eat for tomorrow. Well… think of this concept this way: Have you ever talked with someone who is preparing for a race of some sort—whether it was a 5K, Half Marathon, or a Triathlon? If so, did they mention that they are planning on carbing up or increasing their intake to have enough energy for the big race? Consider the calories eaten being absorbed into a big tank to be readily available for this person the next day. Much like putting fuel in the gas tank to travel a long-distance the upcoming day. SO….. why eat for tomorrow? Because getting enough fuel in the gas tank is going to allow your equipment to function at peak capacity. And we all want that don’t we?!!! Yes…Yes... we do... Heads should be nodding. Only kidding. 

In addition, remember that if you exercise in the morning, afternoon, or evening, then you should strive to be aware of the amount of calories needed for that day. Let me know if you have questions about his in the comments section below.
Now… what does it mean to give your calories a “Quality Score?”

Many people talk about how important calories are when wanting to bulk up or lose body fat. However, I think what is more important is to consider is how the individual calories are interacting with your body. Have you ever considered their effects not only short term, but long-term?

I give my calories a quality score. Let’s continue with the gas tank analogy to illustrate this principle:

When you go to the gas station you have the option of buying different grades of gas, right? When you look at calories at the most rudimentary or basic state… they are made up of stuff… right? Well… what kind of stuff? Well… consider the labels on most foods purchased… when you see 150 calories… look below to see what the calories are made of. Specifically look at the ingredients… the more ingredients that you can recognize the better…. Or the higher the quality score I give it. Make Sense?!!

Ok... so in answer to the question about what kind of food I eat from people like Nasser, Gunshow, and others… I strive to eat as many whole foods as possible… that being said… I find it can be difficult based on budgets and other circumstances… however, studies indicate that the body is able to process and receive whole foods in a more effective manner for the body. Sources are also stating that are bodies are more likely to benefit from eating unprocessed foods when considering energy, muscle recovery, and improved functionality and health with skin.. Hair… emotions… etc. etc. etc.!!! I could go on…

And I will… as it relates to types of foods that will help a person bulk-up and have an energy tank that will stimulate the growth potential for the next day at Maximum capacity! Once again… this may be a foreign concept to think about eating for tomorrow… you can argue this point… I would invite you to give it a try… even just for a couple of days…focus on eating for tomorrows results…

If I were wanting to bulk up and reduce body fat… I would eat from the potato family in the morning… for my morning snack… and… lunch… this will give me significantly more energy than say… white.. Bread…  In fact… in comparison… well… there isn’t much… I would give white bread a 3 out of 10 and a yam a 10 or 11 out of 10 when it comes to their quality score! 

What to do in the evening? Well... consider reducing the amount of dense carbohydrates…. Look at eating things like brown rice… greens… fruit…well… it depends… I would eat more fruit in the morning… it’s high in sugar…
Also… protein… yes… I love it!

Well... that’s it… now take this information to the fitness bank… be certain to fill up the rest of the day on foods with a high quality score… foods that will help you build… re-build… give you energy.. and improve your quality of life today, tomorrow… and always!

Also… if … like me… you have a couple breakfast meals…and you aren’t ready to only eat foods in the potato family… like this… thing… if you enjoy cereals… consider eating cereal with a high quality score... with ingredients you can recognize… sugar levels that are reasonable… cereal with grains… what about bread… same thing… looking at the bread should be your first indicator of how it will rate.

Please indicate below whether or not this article has been a value to you. I am interested in your feedback and in your questions. Remember also to use this comment section below as a forum-like tool to interact and help each other out. 

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