Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles: Skinny-Fat Appearance? Try This


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Expert Author Sage Thompson
Okay, the first thing I am going to tell you will not be highly popular but it is the truth so here goes. Targeted exercise will not remove specific areas of fat from your body!
How and why this myth was perpetuated is beyond me, but if you will look at the idea rationally, you will see instantly why exercises to get rid of love handles or any other trouble spot are faulty.
Think about it, did you eat a donut or piece of cheesecake one day and instantly see it on your hips, abdomen or arms? Of course not! Weight gain is gradual and spread out which means your weight loss will be as well.
That being said there are "exercises to get rid of love handles" if you accept that your exercise will have to be coupled with a healthy eating plan.
You see when you do the exercises you will not lose fat spots, however you will tone the muscle underneath the fat layers, and when the weight begins to come off you will have a lovely toned and trim midsection. So, healthy eating with exercise will help you lose weightand result in a great looking body.
Fat Burning Routines
Now that we have established the fact that you will need more than just targeted exercises to get rid of love handles let's look at some potential routines. Start out with a high intensity cardio workout, this will rev up your metabolism and make your body a fat burning machine if you do it correctly.
Instead of going through 30 minutes of high intensity aim for short bursts of extreme cardio followed by slower but steady movements. This is known as interval training and is totally different from what most people are doing; of course, most people are not losing weight!
Cardio is not the only way to burn calories and tone your body. Institute a routine that includes weights, squats and dead lifts to increase muscle mass. This has the potential to prevent the dreaded plateau most people encounter during weight loss.
Love Handle Location
Love handles is the innocuous name given to fat stores on the side of your waist, or the oblique's. These are the most often overlooked abdominal muscles when it comes to exercise.
Your abdomen is actually made up of several different muscles, transvers abdominus, rectus abdominus and obliques. You will want to work all of these muscle groups to attain a flat sexy abdomen, and if you want to take care of the love handles, it is time to focus on the obliques.
Oblique Exercises
Once you have the fat burning in full swing you will want to use some targeted "love handle" exercises. Forget all the fancy machines on the market today, they will make you lighter all right but only in your wallet! Instead, revert to what works, the crunch.
To flatten your abdominals and trim your oblique's use do several sets of crunches with a twist. Instead of just the up and down motion, come up and twist at the top of the movement.
Healthy nutrition and adequate workouts are the only way to truly lose weight. Moreover, the exercises to get rid of love handles are going to be the same movements you use to lose weight from many areas of the body.
Targeted movements such as the crunch, waist twist and more are good for toning that specific muscle, but not for losing fat from that specific area, when you understand this concept you will be well on your way to flat sexy abs and better health.
The last factor which I haven't covered here is of course your diet. You can watch my free video which reveals the number 1 diet secret that stops most people from EVER getting in shape despite everything else they do. You can watch it here:
I hope you enjoyed this article on exercise to reduce stomach fat.
Sage Thompson is a fat loss coach and fitness enthusiast. She regularly contributes to the health and fitness community with her articles, newsletters and blogs.

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