Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Truth About Body Fat Percentage Charts

The Truth About Body Fat Percentage Charts

Expert Author Dave Jackson
I was discussing with my doctor a few days ago how they come up with the body fat percentage charts and why they haven't changed much over the years. And her funny response was that doctors are still hoping people will return to the skinny bodies they once had several decades ago.
So I began to do a little investigation and found that for the most part, body fat percentage charts can be trusted. You plug in a couple of variables, such as your height and weight and age - and glance at the chart to see whether your body fat percentage is under or over what someone considered the norm.
The problem is that two people of the same height and weight can have very different percentages of body fat. In fact, as we age, we start to fatten up around our organs. This is called "visceral fat" and is not something you can measure with calipers or those fancy bathroom scales.
But one thing is certain, if you are on a quest to lose weight, you definitely want to lose fat first and do everything you can to keep your muscle mass. Sounds like a good plan, but it is harder to do that you may think. Fortunately, there are a good number of to quick fat loss websites [] that detail what is necessary and actually put you on a proven plan to get rid of those unsightly folds.
And before you think that you're off the body fat percentage chart, remember that you may be just fine. Women need more body fat than men. Breasts are almost all fat. And the way women are made, there is some fat around their hips.
One great determining factor is age. Our muscles tend to shrink and accumulate this visceral fat. Many teach that if we don't care for our bodies while we are still young, it gets increasingly harder to lose fat and remain healthy into our older years.
So while the body fat percentage chart has been created by the health industry as a starting point, don't forget that even though you are not within one of the parameters, you may be just fine. However, if you feel unhealthy, tired, that your metabolism is slow, and you know you are overweight, it might be time to look into one of the programs that helps you lose fat without hurting your muscle.
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